Rocky Mountain Restore responds immediately, 24/7, to any water damage or flooding emergency situation throughout Summit County, Colorado. Our certified professional technicians and modern state of the art restoration equipment are just a phone call away. Call us now!

Summit County Water Damage Restoration

Rocky Mountain Restore Will get your water damage emergencies under control immediately... we have the expert staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and rapid response teams to handle any problem from leaky washers to serious flooding.

Fire Damage Restoration Service In Summit County

Quality and speed counts when it comes to smoke and fire damage restoration... you owe it to yourself to invest in the services of a professional company. Our staff has the combination of tools and knowledge to help get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Mold Removal Throughout Summit County

If you have a water damage emergency dangerous mold contamination often follows..., it can devastate your home or business and threaten the health of your family! When it comes to mold removal and cleanup we ensure the job gets done right the first time.

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Get The Best Water Damage Restoration Service, Cleanup, and Repair In Summit County - Guaranteed!

When water damage strikes your property you need to take action IMMEDIATELY! Here’s why… If you delay in removing water or sewage it will cause secondary damage. This will increase the likelihood of MOLD growth or other health hazards. The next thing you know, the time necessary to restore your property and also the cost of fixing the damage will increase. Wet carpet just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when you suffer from water damage.  It is very important to properly remove the water and dry the entire underlying structure  immediately in order to prevent potential MOLD growth and to save you time, money and heartache!

Why Time Is So Crucial When Water Damage Problems Strike

WITHIN MINUTES: Water contamination spreads to unaffected areas; stains released from furniture (especially antiques) discolor carpet permanently; moisture-sensitive surfaces on furniture turn white; paper goods are ruined due to moisture absorption and swelling; pre-existing (animal) odor becomes apparent.

WITHIN HOURS: Furniture in direct contact with water delaminates, swells, legs begin to split, drawers bind; Sheetrock swells and disintegrates; wallpaper adhesives release; bacterial odor (souring) becomes apparent.

WITHIN DAYS: Mildew appears (hyphae), along with characteristic “musty” odor; moisture-sensitive internal components in pianos and organs begin to swell in the presence of condensed moisture; metal surfaces begin to rust; door and window casings swell and distort or delaminate.

WITHIN WEEKS: Mildew associated with prolonged dampness sinks roots (mycelium) into organic materials (jutebackings, paper coverings on sheetrock, paneling, wood, etc.); wholesale damage to structure and contents is experienced.

Summit County's 24 Hour Emergency Water Removal Service

Experienced companies, such as Rocky Mountain Restore, know how to provide restoration services that protect not only the structure, but also you and your family’s health!

Water damage can be the starting point for many serious problems that can affect a building, damage personal property and present serious health risks to occupants.

To restore your property and protect your families health, a professional restoration contractor must be used to carefully manage the project. They need to be knowledgeable in several disciplines… stopping bacteria from spreading, preventing mold growth, preventing secondary damage, plus saving the structure and its many contents.

Sometimes water flows down the inside of wall cavities. Other times standing water will wick up a wall. Unless water stains appear this moisture could go undetected until molds and odor problems occur. This is one of the reasons a professional is equipped with the proper instruments to detect and locate wet areas before the drying process begins. Today’s restoration is more than just drying wet carpets.

"We'll restore your property, your possessions and your peace of mind fast...guaranteed"

During sewage backups or other “black water loss”, large amounts of bacteria can enter the interior environment and pose potentially serious health risks to the occupants. In fact, the bacteria introduced into the structure can stay active for up to one month if left untreated. Advanced restoration methods are employed to rid the structure of all traces of sewage and make the structure clean and safe for occupancy.

We are the Number 1 water damage restoration service in Summit County Colorado. When you have a water damage emergency call us immediately

If your business has water damage or flood damage our flood damage restoration service technicians can restore your property to its original condition faster than you think, We are here to help you stay in business.

For fast flood cleanup or sewer damage restoration in your Summit County home or business you need the professionals at Rocky Mountain Restore to solve your problems fast.

Effective flood restoration requires fast action and the proper equipment. Rocky Mountain Restore uses state of the art High Altitude drying equipment and has years of experience doing the job right.

You found the leading flood damage restoration company in Summit County Colorado. Give us a call immediately if you suffer a water damage emergency.

The Best Professional Fire Damage Restoration Service In Summit County Colorado

The unexpected can and does happen, and, it typically occurs when we least expect it. No one expects to need fire and smoke damage restoration services.

If you or a loved one has recently fallen victim to the devastating effects of a home fire, you understand how it can impact you in ways you’d never expected. In addition to losing valuables you can also sustain a significant amount of structural damage to your home. It takes a skillful fire restoration team to fix things so you can get back to normal.  The  professionals at Rocky Mountain Restore can quickly respond to your emergency and begin the fire damage restoration process immediately.

Professional Cleanup From Fire And Smoke Damage

It can be difficult to determine where to start when it comes to fire damage remediation. The first thing professionals do is begin a thorough clean up.fire and smoke damage restoration Proper ventilation is key during this step of the process, and it’s essential to have the right equipment to expedite the removal of residual smoke and remove any remaining water.

Failure to begin the restoration process right away can become costly very fast. Smoke damage escalates rapidly, and you’ll soon begin to notice yellowing that can become permanent. This residue needs removed immediately.

Residual water can quickly turn into mold and create many more problems. Our restoration technicians have the tools necessary to ensure these hazards are removed quickly and efficiently.

Other things that must be completed quickly include:

  • Removing the source of foul odors
  • Salvaging items that can be saved
  • Using deodorizing fogs
  • Taking preventive measures to reduce the chance of re-contamination

Quality Smoke Damage Restoration Counts

Quality counts when it comes to smoke damage restoration, and you owe it to yourself to utilize the services of a professional company. Our staff has the combination of tools and knowledge to help get your home back to pre-disaster condition.

Dealing with fire and smoke damage is a stressful time for you. We make it our mission to take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on the many other things you need to do. We handle everything from dealing with your insurance company to restoring your home.

Fire Damage restoration in Frico, Dillon and other Summit County locations requires not only experience but the proper equipment as well. Our highly qualified technicians supply both.

If fire strikes your home you need to call Rocky Mountain Restore the leading smoke damage restoration company in Summit County Colorado.

Do you have need of Fire, Smoke, Water Damage Restoration in Summit County Colorado Call Rocky Mountain Restore immediately for our professional services.

Fire and Water Damage cleanup in Summit County Colorado requires considerable experience. Don't trust your home restoration to just any company. Make sure they are fully qualified like Rocky Mountain Restore.

After the fire trucks leave you need to get a fire and smoke damage restoration company in immediately to reduce the impact of the the smoke and water damage. If neglected the damage can lead to mold and other problems that will increase both the time and cost of the cleanup.

Mold Problems? We Are The Leading Environmental Consultant In Summit County When It Comes To Mold Contamination And Mold Remediation.

When Mold Remediation Become Necessary

Once a home is exposed to water damage, the problem can linger on, even after things are cleaned up. Mold can develop without you ever being aware it’s there. Even though it may not be visually evident, mold can have a serious negative impact on the occupants of your home or office. You need to have trained professionals help with mold remediation as soon as possible to prevent a more serious situation from occurring.

Health Concerns Associated With Mold

The presence of mold in the home can have a significant effect on the health of you and your family members. Just a few of the symptoms that commonly occur include:summit county colorado mold remediation

  • Allergy-like Symptoms
  • Runny Nose
  • Wheezing
  • Dry Throat
  • A Dry Cough
  • Red Eyes
  • Thrush

Starting A Mold Remediation And Removal Project

When the time comes to start mold remediation a professionals technician will first isolate the contaminated area and protect belongings with plastic sheeting. The impacted area is then be thoroughly cleaned and then completely dried to ensure that mold doesn’t infiltrate any unaffected areas. The existing mold damage is either treated or removed.

A Professional Summit County Mold Removal and Cleanup Service You Can Count On

Mold removal and cleanup takes professional help and the latest state of the art tools in the industry to ensure the job gets done right the first time. Our technicians understand the complex nature of the problem mold presents. They have the both the equipment and expertise to test even the deepest crevices of your home or business to make sure the mold contamination is completely eradicated. Get in touch with Rocky Mountain Restore if you think you have a mold problem. We can do testing that will find mold if it does exist and we will explain how we can eliminate your problem quickly and efficiently.

Mold removal becomes a necessity if you or your family are showing symptoms of mold contamination. Waiting to do something can seriously jeopardize your family's health.

Mold remediation often becomes necessary after you have had flooding in part of you home. Incorrect or substandard drying methods will allow moisture to linger and create an ideal environment for mold growth that needs to be taken care of..

When mold strikes your residence you need to locate a certified and experienced mold removal company and get them on the job as soon as possible. Mold cleanup must be done to protect your home from further damage and spread of the mold itself.

Moisture inspection is a critical part of the mold remediation process. Using things like thermal imaging to detect hidden moisture is just one of the things our professionals do to protect you and your home from hidden moisture damage and the proliferation of mold. It is a less invasive way to detect and prevent more mold growth.

Mold mitigation is a very technical process. It requires that all the existing mold be found, isolated and then removed and disposed of in the proper fashion. Technical expertise is a definite requirement for this job in order to eliminate the mold contamination and prevent its spread in the future. You can rely on Rocky Mountain Restore to do the job right the first time...

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